Car Seat Head Support Safety: How to Safely Position Your Baby’s Head?

If you are a parent, you definitely worry whenever you are in a car with your young child. Do you think about car seat head support safety and how to safely position your baby’s head? Because the neck muscles of your kid are not strong enough to support and keep his head up. So, your baby’s head falls down over and over again. This not only creates discomfort for your baby to breathe normally but also can be very dangerous, you know. So, you plan on buying car seat head supports to keep the baby’s head in the perfect position. Don’t go wrong!

How to Safely Position Your Baby's Head?


To safely position your baby’s head in a car seat, make sure:

  • Your kid’s head is turned to a side or straight.
  • The straps are not too loose and in the proper places.
  • The chest clip is in the right place.
  • The crotch buckle fits well and is in the proper place.
  • The car seat recline angle is correct.
  • The newborn’s head doesn’t slump in any situation.

Let’s go into details.

Ensure the head position is safe:

When your baby turns its head aside, you do not need to worry. Your baby is safe. When the baby keeps his head up, it’s nice. What you must check is that your infant’s head does not slump. It puts your baby in danger.

Ensure the straps are in place:

 Snug straps come in handy when you want to keep the child’s head in place. If the straps are not in the right place or too loose, your baby may roll over and be in a dangerous position. So, buckle the straps appropriately.

Check out that the chest clip is in place:

If the chest clip is too high, your baby cannot breathe properly. If it is placed too low and a car crash occurs, the baby may easily fall down from the seat. It may be more dangerous.

Be attentive to the crotch buckle:

Ensuring that the crotch buckle is in the correct place is very important. Also, make sure that it fits well. If it is not in place or does not fit well, your baby slouches. And, when your baby slouches, his head slumps. It creates a breathing problem for your baby.

Confirm that the car seat recline angle is appropriate:

As a baby cannot pick his head up, you must adjust the car seat at the right angle. To recline the car seat properly and find the right angle, you can go through the detailed instructions that the manufacturer provides. If you cannot get that from the car seat manufacturing company, use the internet. You will get lots of information and instructions to follow to get it right.

Make sure your baby’s head does not fall down to the chest:

If you do the above things properly, I assure you that your baby should be safe in the car seat. Nevertheless, you should be conscious that your baby’s head is kept up and not gone down to the chest in any situation.

Are Car Seat Head Supports Safe?

The right type of head support is safe to use for your baby. But, most parents are unaware that most of the aftermarket car seat head supports can be dangerous for their babies. So, do not use inappropriate head supports for your kid.

Are Car Seat Head Supports Safe?

Experts recommend that you only use a car seat head support if:

  • It is created by the car seat manufacturer itself. Or-
  • The car seat manufacturer recommends the accessory to ensure extra protection for your baby.

So, car seat head supports that are perfectly designed for a newborn are safe to use. But many of them can block the baby’s airways and cause damage to your baby if there is a car accident.

Why do You want to Use Head Support in the Car Seat?

If you have a kid, you are always worried about him. In every situation, you want to ensure that the baby is safe and has no health issues. You want to use head supports for your newborn in a car seat to avoid his brain and head injuries and ensure his head is always in the right position. The right head supports for your baby can help him grow his neck muscles, as well.

When you are in a car, your baby sleeps, usually. When he falls asleep in the car, his head usually flops down. Then, it is difficult for your baby to breathe normally. You become worried thinking of this situation.

How to Safely Position Your Baby's Head

Now, you look for something (a device or an accessory) that can be used to keep the baby’s head in the proper place.

This is when you seek help from your friends, colleagues, or known people to find a solution to support your young child’s head in the car.

People love using the internet to find solutions to their problems, and you are no different. When you search online, you find many head support accessories to keep the baby’s head in place in a car seat.

But you should use proper head supports for your infant in the car.

If you use an unsuitable product to support your kid’s head in the car, it usually causes the following health issues:

Positional asphyxiation

It’s a serious health issue. It is such a position for your baby when its airways are blocked, and he cannot breathe freely. Using the wrong type of device to support your child’s head in the car can create this dangerous health problem.

An increased risk in case of a car crash

Unfortunately, if there is a car crash, using unfitting head supports for your baby can increase the risk for him. So, the risk of injury is more serious, in general.

Car Seat Head Support Safety: What’s the Best Position for Your Baby’s Head in the Car Seat?

Most parents do not know in which positions a baby is safe in a car seat. The best position for your baby in the car seat is when his head is turned to aside. In this position, he breathes normally and feels more comfortable, and is completely safe. Another good position for him is when his head is picked up, and this means when his head is not going down to his chest. Both positions are safe and healthy for your baby in the car seat.

Head turned to a side

Sometimes, you may be anxious when you see your baby’s head turned to one side. But you should know that this is the best position for your kid. So, from now, you should not be worried when you notice that your kid turns his head aside. Your child is safe.

Head that is picked up

Your baby is also safe when its head is picked up. When your baby’s chin falls to his chest, this creates a complicated situation for him to breathe. So, make sure that your young child’s chin does not fall down to the chest when sleeping in a car seat.

Maintaining a Safe Head Position – Recommended Products

You must always maintain the safe head position of your baby in the car. Most of the aftermarket products available are unreliable and can put your baby at risk.

So, it is wise to choose head supports that are safe to use.

Manufacturers design their car seat systems to ensure maximum protection. Therefore, if you make even a minor change and add an extra accessory to a seat, it usually hampers the performance of the seat. Be alert when adding an accessory to the car seat.

So, what are the things to maintain a safe head position for your baby in a car?

First, you have to check if the car seat manufacturing company produces or recommends something to use to keep your baby’s head in a proper position in your car.

Next, you can use two products that are quite safe to use, and they help your baby pick its head up and breathe freely.

You can use the following products:

Use head straps (not recommended for the newborns)

Your child’s head often slumps while sleeping in the car. It is uncomfortable and unsafe for your child. So, you can use head straps to help your child snooze upright.

Use head straps

However, to ensure maximum protection, you have to do two things:

  1. Pay much attention to installing the head straps accurately.
  2. Check a few times that it is still placed properly on your toddler’s head.

Use head and body support pillows

These products come in handy when you want to ensure safety and a comfortable journey for your kid. As a parent, you normally hope your baby sleeps contentedly in the car. It helps your baby keep his head and body in the perfect position.

Remember, before you add any extra product to the seat, you need to check if the car seat manufacturing company has some instructions to follow.

Use head and body support pillows

Is Infant Head Supports Putting Your Newborn Baby in Danger in the Car?

It is obvious that using unsuitable head supports in a car can be dangerous for your baby. Improper head supports for the infant can lead to serious health problems, including brain and head injuries, neck pain, breathing difficulties, discomfort, etc. But if the car seat manufacturer offers extra head support or suggests an accessory to increase the head protection of your kid, you can go ahead.

Most parents don’t know that their car seat is designed to provide much protection and save the infant’s head from potential issues and discomfort.

So, before buying an accessory, make sure that is designed accurately and is comfortable for the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are head supports safe for babies?

Using inappropriate car seat head supports for babies is not safe. But you can use an accessory that comes with the car seat itself. Also, a car seat head support is considered safe to use if the car seat manufacturing company recommends that.

Why should you use a car seat?

Every manufacturer designs its car seat systems to provide maximum protection and comfort for infants and young children. So, if you position your baby in a car seat properly, the baby will breathe easily and is likely to be less injured in the event of a car crash.

How do you strap a baby in a car seat?

If you have a newborn, it does not have enough strength to hold its head up. So, install the car seat at about a 45-degree angle to prevent his head from flopping forward, which could interfere with his breathing. Be sure to make the strap snug to prevent your baby from falling down. If you can pinch the straps between your fingers, they are too loose.

To ensure the straps are in the correct position, place the harness retainer clip with your baby’s armpits resting on his breast bone.

Are car seat neck supports safe?

Lots of car seat neck support available in the market are quite unsafe for your baby. They can restrict the infant move its head. Also, the wrong neck support can prevent your kid’s neck muscles from being strong. But, of course, proper neck supports are safe and useful.

Final Verdict

What comes to your mind first when you are in a car with your baby? The answer is you want to keep your baby safe in the car seat. When the car seat is reclined appropriately, the straps are properly buckled, and in place, or you have quality car seat head supports for your baby, you don’t need to worry at all.

To safely position your baby’s head in the car seat, you can use head and body support pillows. These accessories will prevent your kid’s head from falling down and keep your baby safer in a car crash.

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